The Polishing Price of Rolex Watches

Posted by Breanna - January 5th, 2015

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Polishing watch must need a fee, especially those watches of tens of thousands of Yuan, whose maintenance cost is high. According to different watch brand quality, unpick and wash fee also vary much, according to the provisions of the watch industry association, for those watches of tens of thousands of Yuan, in addition to the unpick and wash fee, it also cost also one over one thousand of the inspection fee according to the grade price of the watch. So the price of the watch polishing is associated with the price of your watch.

The elaboration of the polishing art shows eternity. In the international market, an ordinary Rolex watch price ranges from $1,000 to $15,000, although the price does not poor, people still think that content is worth somewhat, it is not only due to the excellent quality of the Rolex watch and because it has a unique investment value. The anti-fall ability of the Rolex antique watch is every strong. On an auction held in Geneva in 2002, a Rolex perpetual calendar watch once worn by the emperor of the last reign of Vietnam dynasty in 1952 was competed to342,000 Swiss francs ($235,400) at the time in Geneva auction, more than 2 million RMB. Such a high value, who is willing to let it be scratched a little, even just a little!

If your swiss replica rolex have a scratch, you can choose to have your watch for polishing. Rolex polishing refers to make your Rolex metal oxide on the surface grind off for a layer. Single polishing is unimportant, and the problem is the equipment quality and the level of the operator. If it cannot meet the requirements then it will harm the watch. Because watch polishing have very high technical parameter requirements, so polishing watch is a very fine work, and professional cleaning (polishing) usually needs a long time to complete.

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