Replica Swiss Rolex GMT II

Posted by Breanna - November 23rd, 2015

123Swiss Rolex GMT II launched by Rolex matched with the Cerachrom word circle of the tie-in red and blue double color, which is combined the high-tech and the classical aesthetic of the original watches in the year of 1955 together. There has been thought that this color combination is impossible to make of ceramics, therefore the occurrence of this watch helps the watch fans’ dreams come true now.


The Cerachrom word circle of the tie-in red and blue double color of the rolex gmt-master replica watches is a great achievement on the technology and aesthetics to Rolex. By the production process of the Rolex developed patent word circle, it made a word circle with two colors. This kind of design is matched with traditional double color outer ring of the Swiss Rolex GMT and the Swiss Rolex GMT II. In addition, the innovation of the word circle reflects two major achievements at the same time, first of all, the production of red ceramic word circle it rather difficult, then it needs to adjust the chemical composition of each star ceramsite, from inside to outside, to turn the half of the word circle from red to blue, and two kinds of colors need contrast clearly. Rolex Cerachrom word circle came out in 2005, which has extremely strong scratch resistance and loss resistance and corrosion resistance, even lighted by ultraviolet rays does not fade. Its surface sends out permanent gloss after diamond grinding. The 24 hours scale on the ceramic word circle are filled in a layer of platinum thin film with the PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition, Physical vapor Deposition method) thin film deposition technology.


The Replica Swiss Rolex GMT II watch applies the 3186 4130 automatic mechanical timing chain movement which is entirely developed by Rolex and which is equipped with dual time zone function and date display. The exquisite design and excellent production process of this movement ensure that the fake rolex watches has incomparable precision and reliability.

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